Unexceptional. My work is most exceptional in that it isn’t exceptional, often being nothing more than a surprising re-acquaintance with phenomena familiar and already known. I look. I watch and then recreate found moments where light, material, color and space are connected, dependent, and for a brief moment, alive.

Robert Duncan wrote of a meadow where phenomena such as light and space were created by a simple, curious, playful language. In a sense my work exists in this meadow where the particularity of ordinariness is investigated through simple arrangements of common materials, raw and not quite touched, with natural phenomena. Curious, statements and situations are created with cardboard, 2x4’s, wire, fabric, light, gravity and space; everyday materials and spaces paired with unexceptional interventions that express extraordinary circumstances. These are moments of formal connection and disconnection, balance and instability, cause and effect; a seemingly magical transformation of independent articles into something else.

I am intrigued by moments of doubt when something ordinary, outside in the world, moves inside to where it becomes peculiar. These are observations of the sublime and the normalized; spaces and relationships that are at the same time vulnerable and strong, provisional and permanent.